Jordanian Caregivers' General Knowledge about Asthma among Children

Sandi Sami Alshahwan, Hala Mahmoud Obeidat, Malek Khalel Alnajar, Ahmed Hussein Alduhni


Background Aims: Asthma affects many children in Jordan and all over the world. The awareness and knowledge about asthma are important for children with asthma and their caregivers to enhance the overall health condition of these children. The purpose of the study was to determine general knowledge about asthma among Jordanian Caregivers of children with asthma, and to measure the influence of Caregiver’s demographic characteristics on their knowledge.
Materials and method: A descriptive cross-sectional study using a 17 item Likert-scale questionnaire, a total number of 73 Caregivers was included.
Results: The findings showed fair knowledge about asthma among Caregivers (65.41%) M=55.60 out of 85, no differences in Caregiver’s knowledge were based on their demographic characteristics. Jordanian Caregivers had considerable areas of knowledge deficit that need to be addressed in designing educational programs.
Conclusion: This study provided baseline data regarding Jordanian caregivers’ general knowledge about asthma and identified areas of knowledge deficit that helps in designing educational programs for caregivers focusing on these deficit areas to increase their knowledge for effective asthma management.


Asthma; Children; Caregivers; Knowledge; Jordan

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