Surgical Treatment of Superior mesenteric Artery Pseudoaneurysm

Peter Berek, Ivan Kopolovets, Juraj Bober, Peter Śtefanič, Mária Frankovičová


Arteria mesenterica superior pseudoaneurysm is a rare disease that may be caused by iatrogenic damage to the superior mesenteric artery pseudoaneurysm in pancreaticoduodenal surgeries, trauma, inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity. The paper presents a case report of surgical treatment for arteria mesenterica superior pseudoaneurysm. Surgical resection of superior mesenteric artery pseudoaneurysm was performed. The patient’s postoperative course was complicated by arteria mesenterica superior occlusion; arterial reconstruction was performed :iliaco-mesenteric bypass using the great saphenous vein with subsequent segmental resection of the jejunum. A research case study indicated the complexity of the pathology such as visceral artery pseudoaneurysm at the stage of diagnosing as well as at the stage of selecting treatment tactics. Visceral organ ischemia is one of the severest complications in the postoperative period which can make the diagnosis difficult as well as complicating the selection of treatment tactics.


Visceral artery pseudoaneurysm; Visceral artery aneurysms; Rupture risk; Hemorrhage; visceral ischemia

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