Rectal Diverticulum Presenting with Obstructed Defecation: A Case Report

Mohammad S Al-Qudah, Mohammad M Aladaileh, Mohammad Z Rashdan, Mohamad E Abdullah


Diverticular disease of the colon is a common condition in western and developed countries. Distal colon is the mainly stricken part, being the sigmoid colon affected in up to 70% of the patients. The occurrence of rectal diverticula is very rare, with only sporadic reports in the literature since 1911. Symptomatic rectal diverticula are encountered even less frequently. Most patients are diagnosed incidentally, inflammatory processes may have developed at the time of the diagnosis .Treatments of these complicated events range from conservative treatments to major surgical interventions. Here we present a patient who was diagnosed with rectal diverticulum causing constipation and difficult defecation.


Rectal diverticula, Rectal prolapse, Outlet obstruction.

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