Rebound Hyperbilirubinemia after Phototherapy Treatment in Newborns

Reham AL-Mardeny, Omar AL-Khalidi, Kefah AL-Qaqa, Arwa Al-Qsous, Khaled Al-Rashed, Morad Masa`dh


Objectives: To determine the need for total serum bilirubin measurement after the discontinuation of phototherapy.
Methods: A retrospective study done at our nursery reviewing medical records for 136 newborns receiving phototherapy for hyperbilirubinemia during the first 2 weeks of life due to any cause (ABO, Rh incompatibility, sepsis and dehydration). The level of serum bilirubin in the second day was compared to the level of bilirubin at discontinuation of phototherapy looking for rebound hyperbilirubinemia.
Results: Total serum bilirubin level at the second day was found to be lower or equal to the level of discontinuation. No significant differences among infants regarding weight categories.
Conclusion: Newborn completing phototherapy for hyperbilirubinemia before the age of 2 weeks, who are cured, do not require a follow up test in the second day to check for rebound hyperbilirubinemia. So, we can decrease the laboratory and nurses charges, the time of hospital admission and money cost.


Total Serum Bilirubin: TSB

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