Use of Adeno-Tonsillectomy for Relief of Upper Airway Obstruction in Children.

Sufian Nawaiseh, Suliman Al-Zaidaneen, Ibrahim Ali Alwedyan


We conducted a prospective study of 80 children, aged 2 to 14 years, who had enlarged tonsils and/or enlarged adenoids. A quarter of these patients underwent adenoidectomy and the remaining three quarters underwent adenotonsillectomy. All patients were followed every 2 weeks for up to 2 months following surgery. At 2 months postoperatively, the overall success rate in terms of the resolution of upper airway obstruction was 84%. Our findings demonstrate that both adenoidectomy and adenotonsillectomy were effective for the treatment of upper airway obstruction in-patients with enlarged adenoids and/or tonsils, which is concordant with the findings of other studies. We concluded that our study results proved again with no doubt that ENT surgeons have been always justified in recommending adenoidectomy or adenotonsillectomy for treating paediatric upper airway obstruction that is due to adenotonsillar hypertrophy. But we have always to keep in mind that only with proper case selection is much to be gained from surgery.


Adenoidectomy, Adenotonsillectomy, Upper airway, obstruction, Obstructive sleep apnea.

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