The Importance of Complete Sepsis Workup in Healthy Jaundiced Neonates

Hiyam E. Shamo’on, Rania B. Haddadin


Objectives: To evaluate the importance of doing complete sepsis workup including blood culture and suprapubic urine culture (S/P) as an initial evaluation for healthy neonates presenting with jaundice early in life.
Methods: We prospectively evaluated 699 full-term asymptomatic infants presenting to Queen Alia Military Hospital (QAMH) in Amman, Jordan between July 2000 till January 2003 with jaundice at ages between 2-15 days. 161 neonates were excluded due to at least one exclusion criteria.
Each neonate was examined by the same pediatrician in order to determine his health status, after which the samples of blood and S/P urine culture were taken under proper asepsis techniques.
Results: Of the 538 neonates; 268 (48%) were females and 270 (52%) were males. None of them had a positive blood culture and only two had positive urine cultures (0.37%).
Conclusion: Doing complete sepsis workup in otherwise healthy jaundiced neonates as a routine initial evaluation or workup is not mandatory and it is money and effort consuming.


Neonatal jaundice, neonatal sepsis, UTI.

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