Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in Childhood and Adolescence

Aly A. Mishal


Obesity and diabetes have grown steadily worldwide with ominous implications for the health and prosperity of mankind.
The looming human dilemmas resulting from multifaceted problems of obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia and their consequences, form one of the major health tragedies worldwide. Enormous health, economic, societal, and psychological consequences have emerged as serious challenges to the general public as well as health and social authorities in the so called developed and underdeveloped nations.
In the past, obesity and diabetes were looked upon as dilemmas affecting mainly the adult population. More recently, however, childhood obesity, and its consequences, has emerged as a threatening health danger associated with major morbidities and moralities as the young generations proceed into adulthood.
Scientific evidence points towards lifestyle changes, including behavioral and environmental influences, as the fueling factors of this pandemic.

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