Coats Disease: A Case Report

Ahmed Shobaki, Bassam Nawaseh


A six-year-old female patient was well till the 11th of June 2002 when she was noticed to have deviation of the eyes of two weeks duration. There was no history of trauma. She is a result of full term normal vaginal delivery. She has 4 siblings who are healthy.
Her development has been normal and she has not had any illnesses of note. She has no similar conditions in her family. She had chickenpox when she was six months old. She is fully vaccinated. She has no known allergies. She has a normal diet and on no medications. Her performance is good at school. Ocular examination: the visual acuity of the right eye was 6/ 6 and of the left was 5/ 60. She had a full range of eye movements and the Lt. eye was slightly divergent. Cycloplegic retinoscopy showed that she was mildly hypermetropic (+1.00 right eye, +1.00 left eye). Slit-lamp biomicroscopy: anterior chambers were normal and there was no afferent pupillary defect. Intraocular pressure of both eyes measured by applanation tonometry was normal. Examination of her fundi by indirect ophthalmoscopy through dilated pupils showed mild subretinal exudation at superior and inferior temporal vascular arcades of the right eye (Fig. 1) and a large subfoveolar yellowish scar surrounded by extensive macular exudation with subretinal exudation mainly at posterior pole of the left eye (Fig. 2).

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