Foreign Bodies in the Ear in Children

Khader J. Abdul-Baqi, Qasim A. Khader


Objectives: The aim of this study is to investigate the causes behind the insertion of foreign bodies in the ear of children and to highlight the importance of radiological, audiological, and tympanometric evaluation.
Methods : This study was performed on 50 children, 29 males and 21 females with history of foreign body in the ear .Full physical and ENT examination was performed before and after removal of foreign body . Radiological, audiological and tympanometric testing were performed. This study was performed between January 2001 and January 2002.
Results : Our study showed that the insertion of foreign bodies is associated with ear diseases : otitis media with effusion ( 48 % ), acute otitis media ( 14 % ),wax ( 12 % ), chronic supporative otitis media ( 10 % ) , others ( 6 % ) and no finding ( 10 % ) .
Conclusions : Irritative ear diseases are major etiological factors in aural foreign bodies in children. Radiological, audiological and tympanometric evaluation of children with aural foreign bodies are highly recommended in order to diagnose and treat the underlying diseases and prevent and reduce the incidence of further aural foreign bodies insertion .


Foreign bodies, ear, children.

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