A Comparative Study of the Effect of Mixed Lignocaine with Propofol Versus Unmixed Lignocaine in Reducing the Incidence of Propofol Induced Pain

Husam I. Makhamreh


Objectives: To study the effect of mixing lignocaine with propofol in preventing propofol induced pain and compare it with that of lignocaine given intravenously before propofol during induction of anaesthesia.
Methods: A double blinded study was performed on 40 patients with the American Association of Anesthesiologists’ classification I-III who underwent minor surgical procedures by infusing propofol in a total dose of 2mg/kg in equally divided dose through two canulas, one in each upper extremity.
On one hand, propofol was infused mixed with 40mg lignocaine, while on the other hand lignocaine 40mg was given intravenously as a pretreatment prior to the administration of propofol during induction. Each patient was asked in which arm there was greater pain.
Results: Nine out of 40 patients in the mixed group experienced pain while 27 out of 40 patients in the unmixed group experienced pain. The result is statiscally significant P< 0.0001. Thirty six patients (90%) of the total number of patients felt pain during injection of propofol, twenty seven (67.5%) of them with the unmixed propofol and 9 (22.5%) patients in the mixed group.
Conclusion: Mixed lignocaine with propofol is more effective in reducing pain than the unmixed lignocaine given as a pretreatment.

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