Ultrasound and Intravenous- urography for Detecting Urolithiasis with Non-enhanced Computed Tomography as a Reference Standard

Imad Athamenh, Kawther Hussien, Reem Obeidat


Objective: To determine the sensitivity and specificity of combined Ultrasonography (US) and Intravenous- urography (IVU) compared with non- enhanced Computed Tomography (CT) as a reference standard for the depiction of urolithiasis.
Materials and Methods: during 10 months, 55 patients (mean age 42 years) prospectively underwent both US, IVU and non- enhanced CT referred from emergency department for evaluation of renal colic. The findings on the US, IVU were compared with those of Ct for the presence or absence of stone disease.
Results: thirty three stones detected by CT. US depicted 24 and IVU 30 of 33 calculi identified at CT. in comparing US techniques for depicting any relevant abnormality (unilateral hydronephrosis and presence or absence of a ureteral jet in patients with obstructing calculus), improve detection of stone disease.
Conclusion: US and IVU have a limited value for detecting urolithiasis.


Renal calculi, Computed Tomography (CT), comparative studies, Urolithiasis.

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