Diabetes Mellitus, Management of Patient versus Management of Sugar and the Need for National Guidelines

Hussein A. Shalan


Objectives: This study was conducted to know the characteristics of patients with diabetes mellitus and to assess the need for national guidelines for the management of these patients in Jordan.
Methods: Retrospectively, the files of 1027 patients with diabetes mellitus attending Queen Alia Military Hospital were reviewed. A structured data collection sheet was developed which includes information about the demographic characteristics, age at diagnosis, medication, follow up, body mass index, clinical examination for complication, compliance and the frequency and type of blood testing.
Results: The results of the demographic characteristics were detailed in tables (1- 5), Male gender constituted 51%, the average duration of diabetes mellitus was 11.3 years with 70% of them aged less than 40 years.
Conclusion: The disparity in the management of patients with diabetes mellitus in Jordan highlighted the need for a national guideline for the management of such patients.

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