Respiratory Symptoms Reported by Adults Living in an Air Polluted Area in Jordan

Kawkab Shishani


Al-Hashemeya area is declared officially as one of the most air polluted areas in Jordan. Some of the hazardous air pollutants in Al-Hashemeya are SO2, CO, CO2, NOx and PM10. This descriptive study aims to describe prevalence of self-reported respiratory symptoms in Al-Hashemeya area, and examine the factors associated with respiratory symptoms.

The sample was 400 male and female residents of Al-Hashemya 18 years or older. Data on respiratory symptoms were collected using Respiratory Risk Profile (RRP). The most frequent respiratory symptoms self-reported were difficulty in breathing when inhale dust or fumes (53%), flu lasting more than one week (51%), difficulty in breathing when exercising (42%), difficulty in breathing because of nasal congestion (39%), mucus without having cough (39%), difficulty in breathing when exposed to cold air (37%). Use of asthma medication was the only factor associated with respiratory symptoms (r = 0.27, p = .01). Conclusion: the rates of self-reported respiratory symptoms were high.


Air pollution, adult, prevalence, Jordan, respiratory symptoms

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