Successful Management of Thigh Necrotizing Fasciitis with Debridement-Continuous Irrigation Method: Case Report and Review of the literature

Mahmoud Ababneh, Nidal Younes


This study reports an interesting case of left upper thigh necrotizing fasciitis following internal fixation of femur neck fracture in a 60 -year-old man. The patient developed severe necrotizing fasciitis post operatively which was managed by aggressive surgical debridement of infected tissues and intravenous antibiotics. Continuous Irrigation System (CIS) was established on the first debridement session and continued for one week. The patient eventually recovered after one month where he showed no signs of complications or recurrence. The authors describe a new method of treatment combining surgical debridement and continuous irrigation of the wound. Continuous irrigation is a simple and practical way to control soft tissue infections and may contribute substantially to the management of patients with necrotizing fasciitis after initial debridement.


Necrotizing fasciitis; Continuous irrigation system; Fracture femur

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