Bilateral Retinal Arteritis with Multiple Aneurysmal Dilatations: A Case Report

Bassam M. Al-Nawaiseh, Fakhri H. Pshippi, Mousa V. Al-Madani, Saamer Kharma


We report a rare case of bilateral retinal arteritis with multiple aneurysmal dilatations of a thirteen year old female presenting to ophthalmology clinic at King Hussein Medical Center on April 2001 complaining from bilateral painless drop of vision of two weeks duration. Visual acuity was counting fingers up to two meters in the right eye and 6/36 in the left eye. Posterior segment examination revealed bilateral vitreous cells, retinal arteritis and macular edema. Fluorescein angiography showed fusiform aneurysmal dilatation in the main arterial branches and late segmentary staining of the walls; there were neither ischemia, nor venous involvement.

Other systems were normal. All laboratory and radiology investigations were within normal. The patient was treated by oral steroids and immunosuppressive agents. Her final vision stabilized at 6/18 and 6/12 in the right and left eye, respectively; fundus examination showed bilateral macular scars with no active ocular inflammation.

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