A Note from the Editor- in- Chief

Abdallah Awidi Abbadi


I have recently received very bad news concerning a very good friend of mine and a long time colleague. He was found to have metastatic colon cancer. I am not sure whether he had symptoms or not, nevertheless, the shocking news warrants special attention from me to all our readers. The issue of early screening for cancer must be at the top of our priorities, not just for our patients but also for our selves. Many of us think that, by being physicians, we are immune to diseases such as cancer, hypertension, lipid abnormality syndromes and ischemic heart disease. It is very interesting that figures obtained from the newly established doctor’s solidarity fund, show that mean age of death among the last 20 members of this group who died is around 60.4 years. These figures are alarming and show significantly shorter life expectancy for doctors compared with the national figure which is around 76 years for males.

My first plea to all of you is to review your life style to conform with the medical evidence related to obesity smoking and sedentary life. Unfortunately many of the Jordanian doctors are heavy smokers, do no physical exercise, and are obese. This is a well known fatal combination and victims usually die of events related to ischemic heart disease, diabetes or cancer. It is high time to target medical professionals in the anti-smoking campaign. Those professionals should also be targeted in the campaigns related to life style and weight control.

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