Effect of the Treatment on Physical and Psychosocial Problems of Cancer Patients in Al Hussein Center, Amman- Jordan

Siham Abueita, Ghanwa K. Al- Saigh


The purpose of this study was to compare between the level of physical and psychosocial problems among cancer patients before and after treatment (chemo and / or radiotherapy), at Al - Hussein cancer center in Amman- Jordan.

The study’s sample is a convenient one that is consisted of (138) male and female cancer patients, attending the center for receiving chemo and / or radiotherapy. The patients with chronic disorders where excluded from the study. The physical and psychosocial problems were estimated by a questionnaire.

To realize the study objective, a questionnaire was developed consists of 93 items, distributed to five main parts related to physical and psychological problems before and after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, its validity and reliability, and internal consistency by Cronbach Alpha, were achieved through a pilot study. The questionnaire was answered through interview with the patients. Those patients were asked about their physical and psychosocial problems in the periods before and after treatment.

To answer the study questions the questionnaires data were entered at the SPSS program, the means, and the standard deviations is calculated, to investigate the significant differences among patients; the Chi Square test by the Kurkals-Willis test is computed. The overall findings showed an increase in the means of the physical problems level accompanied increase in the psychosocial problems level following the treatment, The Chi Square results of “ Kruksal-Willis “ test showed that there were significant differences between male and female in their physical psychosocial problems. Women suffered significantly more than men physically and psychosocially.

Less marked but also significantly higher was the physical problems of women resulting from radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The Chi Square results of ” Kruksal-Willis” test showed the availability of information about symptoms, and the kind of treatment and its side effects, have an important effect in reducing psychosocial problems. A similar significant relief of physical problems was also observed after radiotherapy and chemotherapy


Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Physiological, Psychosocial, Cancer patients

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