Ewing's Sarcoma of the Nose( Case Report )

Muwafaq Algihiwi, Nada Shahaltough, Mohamd Ali Hiari, Belal Elhawwari, Samer Kharma, Mahmoud Al-Raqqad


Nasal bleeding is a common complaint familiar to all otolaryngologists. But, sino-nasal primary Ewing's Sarcoma is extremely rare. This is a case of a 16-year old male patient who suffers from epistaxis, in addition to his left eye proptosis. After examination, it has been revealed that he had a nasal mass in the left side of his nose. The case was managed initially as a vascular mass, but then, under surgery, a frozen section was subjected to examination using histology; the examination revealed the existance of malignant cells. After all, Definite histopathological diagnosis by immunohistochemical stains proved it to be Ewing's Sarcoma.

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