Insulin- Like Growth Factors I- II (Review Articles )

Dana Hiyasat, Kamel Ajlouni


IGF- I that is generated in the liver is the anabolic effector and linear growth promoting hormone of the pituitary Growth Hormone (GH). In the tissues, IGFs are important regulators of cell survival, growth, metabolism and differentiated functions.

Prospective studies suggest that individuals with circulating levels of Insulin- like Growth Factor 1 (IGF- I) at the high end of the normal range are exposed to increased risk for several common cancers. This has led to the development of novel IGF- I receptor targeting therapies which have impressive antineoplastic activity in experimental system. This review article will focus on the biology of IGF- I and its role in health and malignant states.


IGF- I, GH, IGF- I receptor (IGF- IR).

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