First Case of Babesiosis in Qatar: Case Report

Hussam Alsoub, Muna AlMaslamani, Hasan S Ahmedullah, Adila Shawkat, Firyal Abbas Ibrahim, Nissreen A Kanbar


Babesiosis, is a disease caused by infection with parasites of the genus Babesia, and is transmitted by tick bite. It was first reported in 1956. Most cases are reported from North America and Europe. Clinical manifestations are non-specific and tend to be severe and may be fatal in the immunosuppressed. A case of babesiosis is presented. The patient presented late with multisystem failure and succumbed to his disease. Diagnosis was not suspected initially and was only made after detecting the parasite in blood film. This is the first case reported from Qatar and no similar case has been reported from the Arabian Gulf states. The case is discussed and pertinent literature is reviewed.


Babesiosis, Qatar, Arabian Gulf, Indian, Case report.

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