A Note from the Editor- in- Chief: Severe Shortage of Surgeons (Preface)

Abdallah A. Abbadi


For a relatively long period of time, Jordan has enjoyed a plethora of highly skilled and highly qualified surgeons and medical specialists in various disciplines. This was a combination of investment in training by the royal medical services, the newly established medical schools and the individuals who drive to excel in the areas they enjoy most. In addition, there were plenty of opportunities for the training of good doctors in Western Europe, especially in UK, USA, Canada and Australia. The individual surgeon (or physician) would master the state of the art in his field and would transfer and apply this in Jordan.

After the major crash of the Jordanian economy in the late eighties, all public institutions were short of funds and they had to cut off their budgets of sponsoring training abroad. The sudden loss of 50% of the value of the Jordanian Dinar, made it very difficult for a person to support himself abroad while being trained in clinical postgraduate medicine. As a consequence, fewer doctors went for training abroad; with the exception of some local graduates who found new opportunities in USA, mostly in non-surgery areas. Unfortunately, most of these graduates have settled for good in USA.

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