How to Estimate the Number of Newborn Bed Needs in Different Hospitals in Jordan (Case Reports)

Ahmad Khalefeh


Objective: To find a mechanism by which we can assess the number of incubators and cots needed in different hospitals in Jordan.

Methods: Data collected from newborn units of 23 Jordanian MOH hospitals. Directorate of Information Studies and Research collected these data in the year 2003. 1 The role of each of the following parameters calculated to find the best indicator for the number of newborn beds needed in each hospital, the number of population in that catchments area of each hospital, 2 the number of newborns delivered in that hospital, 3 number of admission to newborn units 4 and the average days of admission and occupancy rate. 5

Results: The most important and significant parameter indicating the actual number of beds needed in newborn units in different hospitals studied, is the number of newborns delivered in that hospital per year.

Conclusion: Needs of newborn units to incubators and cots is best calculated according to the number of newborns delivered in that hospitals. The need was found to be one bed for 222-303 newborn deliveries (3.3-4.5 bed per 1000 newborn delivered per year).


Newborn, bed needs, Jordan MOH hospitals

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