Health Concerns and Risk Behaviors Among University Students in Jordan

Ayman M. Mansour, Lily R. Marmash


Background: Recently, more attention has been given to the youth risk behaviors and factors associated with their physical and mental wellbeing. University students in Jordan are under-researched and little is known about their health status.

Purpose: The aim of this study was to describe the health concerns and risk behaviors of the Jordanian university students.

Methods: A survey of 800 university students from six universities in Jordan was conducted. The Adolescent Health Inventory was used to describe the risk behaviors and health concerns.

Results: The following were reported as always concerns: 10% of students concerned about their general health, 18.8% have vision problems, 13.5% have headache and teeth problems, 21% feeling lonely, 20% are confused about future, 7.7% feeling depressed, 13.5% smoke tobacco, and 11% have sexual abuse. Substance abuse problems have been strongly correlated with parents' use of tobacco, and suicidal ideation, troubles with laws and university, troubles with sexual potency and parents' use of drug/alcohol.

Implication: Mental health nurses and counselors have to screen students in their periodic assessment for risk behaviors and to make a connection between physical complains and psychosocial complains.


Health concerns, Risk behaviors, University Students, Jordan, Nursing

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