Note from the Editor- in- Chief: Global Warming (Preface )

Abdallah A. Abbadi


Global warming is coming in full force, and the beginnings of it are already within us. It may not sound important to the medical community at first, but a closer look warrants that more attention should be paid to changes in disease patterns we expect to see. Since we can do very little to prevent or reverse the global warming, we need to be prepared to cope with its medical consequences. This is not the time to try to blame, criticize or fault some one for global warming, but rather it is the time to act.

As temperatures increase, desertification expands, unusual weather conditions prevail and the disease patterns in our country and the region will definitely change. Heatstroke, dehydration, diarrheal diseases, tick-borne diseases, skin cancers, skin sun burns, eye disease and sand lung disease will dramatically increase. The reappearance of low incidence or long gone diseases such as malaria, cholera and meningitis epidemics will likely be on the increase. Scarce water, expected to be the order of the day, will lead to constant outbreaks of food related diseases and water pollution diseases. As the strata of poor people are likely to become larger, this will add more to the medical problems related to poverty and malnutrition.

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