Embryonic Stem Cells Scientific and Ethical Dimensions (Medical Horizons)

Aly A. Misha'l


Advances in the development of stem cells lines for research have progressed steadily over the past 2 decades. With that we witnessed growing heated debate and division amongst scientists, enthesists and workers in the area of human rights.

Embryonic stem cells (ESC) are primitives, pluripotent cells that have the capability of growing and differentiating into specialized, committed cells of various body organs.

Stem cell research at present is focused on their biology, preclinical evaluation and efficiency and safety for correction of disease and injury in animal models. There are hopes that the ESC will eventually contribute to human therapeutic medicine to cure diseases considered incurable until now. Other hopes include "Regenerative Medicine", gene therapy of inherited illness, functional genomics and drug screening and efficacy which are of hopeful future uses.

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