Advanced Breast Cancer: Response and Responsibility(Case Reports )

Jamal M. Melhem, Abdullah A. Abbadi


Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide and only surpassed by lung cancer in the developed countries as a leading cause of death. In Jordan, breast cancer heads the list of all cancer types affecting women (33.9%). 1 In the developing countries, between 40-60% have advanced disease at presentation. 3- 5 In this report, we review the case of a 48- year old woman who presented to Jordan University Hospital with a huge fungating ulcerating malignant mass in the right breast area associated with distant metastasis. This case sheds light on two important points, namely, the delay in presentation of breast cancer's patients in the developing countries and the value of applying modern management concepts to improve outcomes in carefully selected patients. A delay in presentation of patients with breast cancer is a real obstacle facing curative management in the developing countries and sincere efforts are required to overcome this problem. Breast cancer should be treated by breast experts in specialized centers.


Breast cancer; Advanced; Response to chemotherapy; Delay of Presentation

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