Note from the Editor- in- Chief: Need for Invigorating Medical Research (Preface )

Abdallah A. Abbadi


Medical research plays an extremely important role in advancing medical knowledge, improving patient care and improving the overall health of the population. The local health conditions, pattern of disease, variation in population norms and pathology as well as the epidemiology and environmental factors affecting our health can be best studied by proper medical research.

Without medical research we are extremely handicapped in taking informed decisions related to major health policies, health budget, and future directions in health care. Since health care is an expensive undertaking, we need to invest in medical research and invigorate it to answer many pressing questions related to our health, health care institutions and our diseases.

Over the years, medical research in Jordan has been driven mostly by regulations that require publications for promotion. Most of the publications as well as the research came from young teaching faculties from medical schools. More recently, military doctors and doctors in MOH are required to publish in order to be promoted. Once the promotion takes place, then research and publication of that individual cease; with few exceptions. The private health sector had no or very little contribution to medical research and publications in Jordan.

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