Vitamin D Status and Mitochondrial Function in Children

Nashwan M Al Hafidh, Elham Kh Aljammas, Muhammed A Al-Kataan


Objective: Mitochondrial dysfunction is likely to be determined by vitamin D deficiency. The aim of
this study is to assess the association between mitochondrial function and Vitamin D level in children.
Patients and methods: This study was a prospective study conducted in primary school children in
Mosul city. The study included 300 children, with an age ranged from 6 to 12 years. Serum 25(OH) D
was analyzed and mitochondrial function was evaluated by measurement of serum lactate, pyruvate
Lactate and L-Carnitine
Results: Serum lactate, serum pyruvate and the lactate/ pyruvate ratio increased significantly (p ranged
between .0001- .026) in children with insufficient vitamin D level (12-19 ng/ml) compared to those
with sufficient vitamin D values (20-100 ng/ml). There was significant elevation in serum lactate, serum
pyruvate and lactate/pyruvate ratio (p <.000) with significant reduction in serum L-Carnitine (p <.000)
in children with deficient vitamin D level (below 12 ng /ml) in comparison to the group with sufficient
vitamin D level. In hypervitaminosis D group (> 100 ng /ml), there was significant elevation in serum
lactate, lactate/pyruvate ratio (p <0.05) with significant reduction in serum pyruvate and L-Carnitine (p
<.05) in comparison to child with sufficient serum vitamin D group. Receiver operating characteristic
(ROC) analysis showed that with an area under the curve of 0.990 ± SE 0.001, the cut off value of
20.950 ng/ml of 25(OH) D had significant (p= .000) association with sensitivity of 100 % and 1-
specificity of 0.060 with presence of L:P molar ratio of ≤ 20.
Conclusion: A cut off value of serum 25(OH) D ≥ 20.950 ng/ml should be maintained to insure normal
mitochondrial function. Value of serum 25 (OH) D > 100 ng/ml is associated with abnormal
mitochondrial function


Vitamin D, mitochondrial function, children, Lactate, Pyruvate and L-Carnitine.

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