Screen Time in Children, A Survey of School Students in Jordan

Dema Atoum, Dalia Rimawi


Aim: over the last few years, screen time has become a serious issue for children, we conducted a survey
to evaluate the size of this problem and to look for solutions.
Methods: a survey was distributed to the students in 6th and 9th grades to assess screen time, parental
supervision, and other related issues.
Results: 240 students completed the survey; the results are summarized in table 1. In our study, we found
that most children spent more than the recommended time in front of screens. Many parents allow screens
exposure during mealtime and before bedtime, do not set limits on the children screen time, and do not
supervise what their children see during the screen time. 70% of the students own a handheld electronic
device. in 47% of the cases, babies under 2 years of age are exposed to screens. Regarding video games,
almost half of the students play violent video games and may copy what they see on video games.
Conclusion: most students spend too much time in front of the screen without any clear limits set by
the parents, and do not spend enough time outdoors which can negatively affect their weight,
development and health.


American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), electronic devices, school children, screen time, video games.

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