DMFT Index in a Tertiary Care Center in Amman, Jordan

Abeer Alhadidi, Mohammed Bustani, Rula Ammarin, Dina Afaneh, Angie Kokash, Razan Naser, Zaid Baqain


Aim: To quantify and set a baseline for DMFT index for patients examined at a tertiary care educational hospital in Amman, Jordan.
Material and method: This Study was conducted in a tertiary care center in Amman, Jordan in august 2016. Around one thousand five hundred patients’ files were examined in this study.
Results: A total of 1498 records were included, age ranged from six to ninety-six years old with 810 females and 688 males. DMF index ranged from 0-32 with an overall average of 12.83. The difference between males and females was not statistically significant. For the mixed dentition group, ages from six to twelve years old, the average DMF was just below 2.
Conclusion: The DMF index data in this study showed that dental caries in Amman is still a health problem that requires action at a national level. This should also be reflected in DDS curriculum to further emphasize the need to analyze caries’ risk and adopt a preventive approach to oral diseases.


Oral Health, DMFT

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