Cystitis due to Blastoschizomyces Capitatus Successfully Treated with Fluconazole: A Case Report

Saddam Al Demour, Adel Alrabadi, Ra’ed Haddad, Emad Tarawneh, Faris Bakri


The incidence of fungal urinary tract infections has been increasing and is usually linked with the use
of systemic chemotherapy, use of immunosuppressive medications, and overuse of antibiotics. Noncandida
urinary tract infections are uncommon. Blastoschizomyces capitatus is an emerging invasive
infection in immunosuppressed patients. Urinary infections with this pathogen are rarely reported. Here,
we present a case of a diabetic female patient with a urinary tract infection caused by this pathogen. The
infection was successfully treated with fluconazole therapy.


Blastoschizomyces capitatus, Cystitis, Diabetes, Fluconazole, Ureteric stent.

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