The Causes of Divorce in Kuwait from The Viewpoint of Divorced Women

Yahia Al-Khadir


This paper examined the causes of divorce in Kuwait from the standpoint of divorced women. A questionnaire was prepared, containing open-ended questions about the reasons of divorce and some features of the relationship between the two parties before and after divorce in addition to some demographic variables. The study was conducted on a random sample of 242 divorced women in Kuwait; participants in the study mentioned 59 causes which were re-classified into 35 categories. Causes include parental involvement which was the most prominent cause of divorce beside the ill-treatment, not claiming the responsibility of family, financial problems, marital infidelity, and lack of separate accommodation. The study addressed the main reasons of asking for divorce. At the top of the list are abuse, corruption, the lack of independent housing and financial problems. The study examined the relationship between the main reason of divorce and some social variables. It concluded that the main cause of divorce varies according to the educational level of divorced women and depends on the presence or absence of children who belong to any of the two parties. The study emphasized the importance of the relationship between the two parties in that it should be based on mutual respect, affection and independent family residence


Divorce, Causes of Divorce, Crude Divorce Rate, Kuwait Society

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