Synthesis of a Novel Chitosan-Based Polymer and Application as a Matrix for Controlled Drug Delivery

A Ardakani, N Al-Zoubi, N Sakhnini, MO Taha


The Ugi reaction was used to prepare hydrophobically modified chitosan through covalent tethering of benzaldehyde, phenyl acetic acid, and cyclohexyl isocyanide. The new polymer was characterized by infrared spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry. The generated semi-synthetic polymer was employed to prepare a drug-loaded matrix that was evaluated in vitro as potentially orally administered sustained-release delivery system. Caffeine was used as the loaded model drug. The generated matrix proved to be successful in prolonging drug release with near zero order release kinetics.
Keywords: chitosan, Ugi reaction, drug delivery, caffeine, polymer, matrix.


(CBPI) chitosan benzaldehyde-phenyl acetic acid-cyclohexyl isocyanide

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