Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Medical, Dental, and Pharmacy Students in Jordan

Shereen M. Aleidi, Eman Elayah, Dina Zraiqat, Roua Abdallah, Montaha AL-Iede


Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate factors that can affect academic performance of undergraduate students in medical specialties.
Methods: This is a cross-sectional study conducted at the University of Jordan and Mutah University. An anonymous self-administered online questionnaire was randomly distributed using google form among undergraduate students from faculties of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. Students were classified into two groups according to their cumulative grade point average (GPA); group with excellent or very good GPA and group with good or below GPA.
Results: A total of 628 students (78.7% females) filled the study questionnaire. The data analysis revealed that 60% of the students were belong to the excellent or very good GPA group. These students had significantly enough amount of sleep during exams and did not have any difficulty staying awake during day time or waking up in the morning compared to students with good or below GPA (P-value <0.05). Moreover, 21% of the excellent or very good GPA students had studied for more than 6 hours compared to only 13.5% of the good or below GPA students (P-value<0.005). Students with good or below GPA showed higher percentages of smokers (15.5% vs 5.6%, P-value <0.005), part-time workers (15.1% vs 9%, P-value=0.018) and overweight or obese (35.1% vs 24.1, P-value=0.004). The final logistic regression model demonstrated that age, part time employment, smoking, short duration of studying were the independent predictors that significantly associated with achieving good or below GPA (P-value <0.05).
Conclusion: Age, working while studying, smoking, and studying hours and day time sleepiness are the factors that had a negative impact on the students’ GPA. Therefore, it is necessary to increase awareness among students regarding the potential effects of these factors on their academic performance.


Academic performance, Lifestyle, Health Students, Sleep Pattern, Part-time Employment

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