The role of non-Arab in the Islamic conquests in the Umayyad period

Amjad Mamdouh Mohammad Al-Faouri


The speech about the participation of non-Arab elements in the Umayyad army and its efficiencies aroused a cause for many new researchers as they said that they didn't participate in the Umayyad army, and they weren't allowed to be registrated in Diwan el Jund or the Arab didn't give them Ata. To discuss the extent of the truth of these opinions we must return to the sources to show the extent of the truth of the opinions of these researchers. As the succession of conquests and the large number of battles that Arab entered lead to large number of prisoners and captives falling in their hands, if they became Muslim they would be manumitted, and became Mawali of the tribe they were related to, and participated with them in fighting. The volume of their role is revealed in some narrations that talked about the participations of them in large numbers, this marked the high experience and artisanship of them in the military field, and their ability to carry out their functions exactly and effectively, who studies the Umayyad history notices the apparent appearance of non-Arab elements especially Mawali, they participated in the army and its efficiencies, Mawali weren't abandoned from army as some alleged.


The indicator words: Umayyads, Conquests, Non-Arab.

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