Prince Muzaffar Taqi al-Din Omar al-Ayyubi, and his role in the Ayyubid State (1169-1191a.h/565-587h)

Issam Okleh, Fawzi Al-Tawuhyeh


This study aims to shed light on the aspects of the Ayyubid history, by recognizing the role of one of the prominent leaders in the reign of Saladin. And the extent of military contributions to the victories of the reign of Salah al-Din, administrative and urban and philanthropy and its role in the era of Salah al-Din, also the statement of the validity of what spreads the sources of conflict happened between him and Salahaddin big political ambitions, and try to get to know his biography, and to clarify its role in addressing the Crusaders Frenjah, and edit Islamic lands for them, trying to put his role in the proper place, then extent of his impact on the movement of jihad against the Frankish Crusaders.


Taqi al-Din Omar, Salah al-Din, the State, the Crusaders.

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