Mourning Ceremonies in Dar the Abbasid Caliphate in the last era (550-656h \1155-1258 AD)

Mohammad Abdullah Alqadahat


The mourning ceremonies represent an important aspect of the protocols that the caliphate institution was devoted to show. Closing the doors of “Dar Al-Caliphawas considered as a declaration of the caliph’s death and beginning of the preparation for his funeral and mourning ceremonies. After the announcement of the news publicly, statesmen get ready by wearing in white, the formal consolation dress, and then proceed to the “Dar Al-Calipha " to participate in the Abbasid family caliph or princes prayer and the funeral to the caliphs graves in Al-Rasafa. Later, theyreturn to the Ministry House and sit for three days to take the consolation, until the new caliph send statement to his minister and statesmen, to direct them to leave the consolation and undertaking business


Protocols, The mourning, consolation dress, the caliphs graves.

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