Yahya Ibn Abi Tay' as a Historian

Loay Ibraheem Bawaneh


This study aims to present the role of one of the Shia historians in the historical writing during the Crusader invasion of Egypt and Syria. Through this study light is thrown upon the environment that Ibn Abi Tay' lived in, his life, his books and the methodology he used with reference to the value of his sources especially the oral sources. The study treated narratives about Ibn Abi Tay', by following them in the sources that took from him, as Abu Shamah Al-Maqdisi and Ibn Al- Furat, so his narratives were comprehensive for the Islamic world events in general, and concentrated on Egypt and Syria, especially Alleppo city during Zingid period and Ayubi period. The study also aims at throwing light upon the prominent symbols of this period like Nur Al-din Mahmoud and Saladin because of their role in Egypt and Syria unification and their resistance to the Crusaders.


Yahya Ibn Abi Tay' , historical writing

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