The Foundation of Zarqa Municipality (1/12/1928-19/5/1934) The First Record of the Municipal Council As a Source

Hind G. Abu Al-Sha'ar


This study seeks to present a documented, sustained depiction of the foundations of local governance principles through reading the oldest source of Zarqa Municipality, which was established on December 1, 1928. The study reveals that the municipal councils' experience had been well-established since the Ottoman Era, and that it was reinforced when the Emirate of Trans-Jordan (The Arab-East Emirate) issued the Municipalities Law of 1925. Through carefully examining the oldest records of Zarqa Municipality Councils' resolutions, we have been able to study Zarqa's demographic, economic and administrative setup. The study is part and parcel of a comprehensive project to trace the role of municipal councils, since the Emirate epoch, in paving the way for local governance and in stressing the role of councils in governance.


Local Governance, Municipal Council, Decisions of Municipal Council

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