The Early Bronze Age (2900-2750 B.C) Enclosure at Khirbet er-Rahub, North Jordan

Khaled Ahmad Douglas


An Early Bronze Age II enclosure was found at Khiret er-Rahub in North Jordan. It is surrounded by several unfortified EBII sites such as Khirbet er-Rahub itself and Ain Rahub. It is located ca. 3 km north-west of the well fortified town at Khirbet ez-Zeraqon. The first uncovered enclosures came from the Golan Heights through an archaeological survey, while the second group was found in the northern part of Palestine near Wadi al-Faracah. Khirbet er-Rahub enclosure is the only one found in Jordan from the Early Bronze Age. It is the first time that an enclosure has been found located close to unfortified and fortified sites. This case might provide more understanding about the function of the enclosure, which was probably not used primarily for the protection of the settlers but more than likely used for the protection of farmed crops and domesticated livestock.


Enclosures, Early Bronze Age, Fortifications, Khirbet er-Rahub Enclosure, Khirbet ez-Zeraqon, Wadi er-Rahub

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