The Role of the Press in Documenting the Establishment of the Hijaz Railway (1318-1326/1900-1908): AL-Bashir Newspaper as Source

Hind Ghassan Abu Sha'ar


On the occasion of the first Centennial of the Hijaz Railway, researches need to re-examine the project, comprehensively and fairly. The circumstances under which the Railway was established were marked by political, intellectual, and pan-Arab conflicts, some of which had implications on the project, either through the press or studies between 1900-1910.
Amply aware of such dynamics, this research has chosen to review all press material pertaining to the establishment of the Railway, documenting, studying and assess the various opinions.
Many studies have been conducted on this domain. However, such studies have not inspected all press sources and have not documented the Railway daily records, which carry immense implications. A study which documents all establishment phases, we believe, is a necessity; aiming to make available such details to scholars, and to analyze them.
This study relies on a large number of newspapers and magazines kept in the University of Jordan Archives in both paper and microfilm form, covering the period 1900-1910. Tracing and analyzing such sources, we believe, will present a new documented, analytical study, which will change the traditional image drawn by previous studies. The study relies on Al Bashir newspaper, due to limited size of the study.


Press, Documenting, The Hijaz Railway

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