The Economic Life of Gaza District during the First Half of the Tenth Hijra Century/ the 16th Century A.D

Noufan R. Al-Swarih


This study examined the economic situation of Gaza district during the first four decades of the Ottoman rule, showing the success of the efforts exerted by the state to increase its financial revenues from the district. The primary resources on which the study relied showed that the comprehensive development included various economic fields. For instance, in the field of agriculture, the wheat, trees planting and dealing with livestock were active during that time. Also, they show the prosperity of the commercial movement, as Gaza city was among the most important commercial centers on the commercial road connecting between Damascus and Cairo, with the prosper of business centers in the city and the villages located on the road such as markets, Qisariyat and Khans. In addition, this study shed light upon the various kinds of fees collected therein, especially the customs and protection Resm i arus and Bad – i hava, as well as shedding more light on the Waqf phenomenon as an important component of the economic life.


Gaza district, Daftar Tahrir T.D 427, Daftar Tahrir 312 Timar, Wheat, Kasm, Maktu, Adet agnam, Suk Mahalle ,Waqf.

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