Inheritance Documents and their Social and Economic Indications in the City of Jerusalem in Light of the Records of the Islamic Law Court of Jerusalem (1275 A.H /1858– 1286 A.H /1869)

Muhammad Majid Salah al-Din al-Hazmawi


This study sheds light on the importance of document of inheritance in Jerusalem during 1275A.H./1858A.D.-1286A.h./1869A.D. The study focuses on different aspects such as the size of Jerusalemite's family, number of children, their average age, and nomenclature for males and females, size of inheritance and distribution, the phenomenon of dept and money exchanged by the inhabitants, home furniture and people's clothing.
The study primary sources are documents of inheritance which mentioned in various religious court records in Jerusalem. These documents are unique in kind of information, reveal the nature of Jerusalemite society.
The results of this study show that the increase of adolcente children in Jerusalemite family and the decrease of polygamy among Jerusalemite society.
Finally, the wealth resources were accumulated in the hands of a small group of Jerusalemite families during the study period.


Inheritance, Law Court Records, 19th Century, Family, Money, Debt, Jewelry, Furniture, Clothes

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