The Foreign Press in Morocco at the End of the Nineteenth Century and the Beginning of the Twentieth Century 1300-1333 AH / 1883-1912AD

Jalal Bu Shu'eb Farhi


This study seeks to determine the foreign press published in Morocco during the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, since the real start of the press in Morocco in 1883 AD / 1300 AH until 1912 AD / 1330 AH, i.e. since the appearance of the Al-Magrebh Al-Aksa newspaper on January 28, 1883 AD / 19 Rabi‘ 1 1300 AH and Le Réveil du Maroc newspaper on July 14, 1883 AD / 9 Ramadan 1300 AH, until the subordination of Morocco under the French-Spanish protectorate in 1912 AD / 1330 AH. The study deals with the issue of the press in Morocco as an important intellectual aspect of modern Moroccanhistory that has not yet received the degree of academic study that it deserves. The press with its different backgrounds and schools was a mirror that reflected the reality of intellectual, political, economic and social life. The period between 1300 AH / 1883 AD and 1330 AH / 1912, was a critical stage in the history of modern Morocco, when the use of the printing press began the press emerged as a tool for the political propaganda of foreign countries seeking to penetrate into Morocco, and as a means to achieve their intellectual, social, economic and political goals. The press published in Morocco played an important role in the internationalization of the Moroccan Question, and was a tool for monitoring changes and contradictions, and an effective weapon in the social structure and a platform for thought calling for modernization and reform in accordance with the vision, goals and ambitions of colonialism, especially of Britain, France and Spain.


Morocco, Newspapers in Morocco, Modern History of Morocco

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