The Development of Land Ownership in the Coast of Akka 1869-1948 AD

Ameen M. Abu Baker


This study deals with land ownership and its transfer based on the size of the property and the natural and human factors of this small geographical unit centered on the coast of Akka with a surface area of 312 square km. The study begins with the first land surveys and the systemized registration of land in 1869 and ends with the departure of the British Mandate from Palestine in 1948. This study focuses on the important role that the natural and human features of its lands playedin local, regional and international history, because of the fortress of Akka, which was a centreof leadership and rule and the first line of defense of Bilad al-Sham in the south. Its formidable walls have shaken the prestige of many a leader, governor and army and on its southern side lies the port of Haifa, one of the living veins of the world’s economy. That is what made Akka a suitable terminal for caravans, rail, air and sea and a terminal for the storage, refining and export of Iraqi oil that passed through the Karkok-Haifa pipeline in 1933. Akka became a briskcentre for investment and local and imported labour and colonial penetration which threw its shadow over this period of its history in particular and over Palestine in general.


Akka, Palestine, Land Registration and Survey, Ottoman Tapu, Capitalism.

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