The Historian IbnZurayq( 442-509 AH / 1051-1115 AD) and His Book of History. A Study of Primary Historical Texts of Bilad al-Sham at the Time of the First Crusade (490-492 AH / 1097-1099 AD)

Issam Mustafa Abdel Hadi Okleh


This study aims to research the personality of the Syrian historian YahyaIbnZurayq and his lost book of history, showing his personal, familial and cultural circumstances, to find out about his book by collecting the surviving excerpts found inlater sources, and to study it to see its chronological and geographical scope, the issues he discussed, his resources and method, and the value of the book for studies of Bilad al-Shamin general and of the Frankish Crusaders in particular, and the additional information it provides for the history of the Frankish Crusaders in Bilad al-Sham.


IbnZurayq, Crusades, history of Bilad al-Sham

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