Revival of Cultural Heritage: The Case Study of the Ottoman Village in Umm Qais

Mohammad Mousa El-Khalili


This research is focusing on the improper approaches followed in cultural resources management in Jordan taking the Ottoman village in Umm Qais as a case study. The village has been expropriated by the government to gain control over the whole archaeological and historical parts, establish a buffer zone for protecting the site and to exploit it for developing tourism services. However, this marked disintegrated actions that led to chaotic management which just forced the inhabitants to abandon the village without comprehensive planning for the following actions of preservation. Consequently, the marginalized role of the local community in managing the site caused the loss of identity and loyalty to UmmQais. This paper suggested some solutions that could contribute to any future projects for reconsidering the cultural recourses management of the site and the involvement of the local community.


Umm Qais, Gadara, rehabilitation, Cultural Heritage, community development,Ottoman period.

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