"The scientists' livelihood and their professions in Al- sm'ani's Kitab Al Ansaab" (1166AD/562H)

Elian Al-Jaloudi


Al sam'ani Kitab Al Ansaab (1166AD/562H) is considered as an important source for tracing the means of living for scientists, their standards of living, and the professions in which they worked as well as the crafts which they practiced. The researcher was able to enclose more than four hundred crafts to which the scientists were known by, this numbre of crafts was one of the most conclusive till the end list of the 12th century AD/ 6th H. The importance of gathering, classifying knowing the meaning and denotations of these crafts, for there was a change of the titles of these crafts and their names in successive periods, which are totally unknown hereto to the reader. This study does not only reveal the importance of the historical material included in Al- sam'ani's Kitab Al Ansaab "; moreover , this historical material can be considered as a witness on the value of Kitab Al Ansaab especially the books genalogy and Biographies and its importance in studying the economic and social aspects of the Islamic history.


Al sam'ani, Kitab Al-Ansab, Crafts, Scientists.

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