Prince Issa Bin Mousa Al-Abbasi and his Role in the Abbasid State during the Period 132-160 AH / 750-776 AD

Modar Adnan Telfah


This study aims at shedding light on prince Issa Bin Mousa El-Abbasy who proved an administrative competence and a political efficiency during the beginning of the Abbasid State, this enabled him to be selected as the second crown prince by the Caliph Abu El-Abbas in the late of 132AH/754AD. In a move deemed to be a guarantee for the monopoly of caliphate by the successors of Mohammed bin Ali Al-Abbasi. The exclusion of Issa from the first mandate of the Covenant in the reign of the Caliph al-Mansur, and from the mandate of Covenant in the reign of the Caliph Al-Mahdi were an indication of inheriting the competitiveness on caliphate to Mohammad Bin Ali’s successors. Also, the tendency of the caliphs to monopolize the caliphate to their successors only. It also led to the crystallization of vertical Testament system in the Abbasid Caliphate. Al-Mansur established the foundation of conflict between his grandchildren on the mandate of Covenant. Therefore, this was one of the main causes of the weakness of the Abbasid Caliphate.


The First Abbasid reign, the mandate of Covenant, Issa Bin Mousa.

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