Ḥ R B Y H D in Ancient North Arabian Inscriptions (Safaitic)

Ali Al-Manaser


The research aims to highlight a recently discovered Safaitic inscription from Jordan. This inscription was transliterated to classical Arabic and the personal names, verbs and term mentioned in the text was studied and compared with other Semitic languages. The importance of this study lies in the publication of this yet unpublished inscription. The inscription contains the term Ḥ R B Y H D. The inscription can be dated between the middle of the first century B.C. to the mid-first century A.D., because the location of the inscriptions with the term and the date of the nearest war involving Jews. This inscription is the second instance that the word ḏ-y-l which denotes tribe affiliation appears.


Ancient North Arabian, Safaitic, Inscriptions, Jewish Wars.

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